Blacksmithy Flat Black Double Loop Handle - 128mm L-P49100-FB-C

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Product Overview

Twisty- Bendy wrought Iron Double Loop Cabinet handle with Flat Black Finish.

We are selling these pretty cheap because the guys making these were evidently so busy with all that heating and bending and twisting that they forgot to rinse out the threads after they dipped them in the stuff they use to clean the oils off before they painted them. So, there is a little bit of rusty powder in some of the threads. I tried several of them and the screws went right in, But, that is why you are getting a bargain. If they do not suit you for the price, just let us know and how cheap you need them to keep them. Cause, they are not that bad and we do not want to ship them both ways. If a little bit of not perfect scares you stay away.

  • Length: 6" (152.4 mm)
  • Projection: 1 3/8" tall (35 mm)
  • Centers: 5" (128 mm)
  • Width: 1 1/4" tall (32 mm)
  • Finish: Flat Black
Comes with mounting hardware suitable for most applications. Liberty Hardware


(No reviews yet) Write a Review