Chrome Base For Ball Knob 14.5mm x 16mm (B3735-CHR)

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This is a SOLID BRASS CHROME BASE for making a knob from spherical objects such as marbles, wood balls, steel ball bearings, or whatever ball-shaped do-dad your imagination dreams up. In the additional images you can see a few ways you can use this knob including a photo from Jacqui at Porta Verde Studio who used these and some of our other bases to create one of a kind hardware. Base is threaded for a standard 8-32 knob screw. Available in our screw section in many lengths. Cup to receive ball is 9/16" diameter. Will reasonably accept balls from 1/2" to 1" in diameter. HIGH QUALITY CHROME PLATED SOLID BRASS D. Lawless Hardware


(No reviews yet) Write a Review